What is Clinical Neuropsychology?

Clinical neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships. Clinical neuropsychology involves the formal assessment of cognitive domains such as attention, working memory, learning and memory, and executive functioning by administering validated and reliable, standardized tests to individuals.

Why choose a Board-Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist?

Board certification is the guarantee of the highest quality of professional services from a Clinical Neuropsychologist who has successfully met and passed the rigorous criteria and peer-review process to become board-certified the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (ABN).

Release of Test Data

Frequently an attorney or other non-licensed psychologist makes a request to obtain the test data from a forensic neuropsychology examination and is told they are not allowed access to the test data.

The Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct Ethical Standard 9.04 Release of Test Data states the following: “(a) The term test data refers to raw and scaled scores, client/patient responses to test questions or stimuli, and psychologists’ notes and recordings concerning client/patient statements and behavior during an examination. Those portions of test materials that include client/patient responses are included in the definition of test data.

Pursuant to a client/patient release, psychologists provide test data to the client/patient or other persons identified in the release. Psychologists may refrain from releasing test data to protect a client/patient or others from substantial harm or misuse or misrepresentation of the data or the test, recognizing that in many instances release of confidential information under these circumstances is regulated by law (See also Standard 9.11, Maintaining Test Security.) (b) In the absence of a client/patient release, psychologists provide test data only as required by law or court order.

Ethical Standard 9.11 states the following: “the term test materials refer to manuals, instruments, protocols, and test questions or stimuli and does not include test data as defined in Standard 9.04 Release of Test Data. Psychologists make reasonable efforts to maintain the integrity and security of test materials and other assessment techniques consistent with law and contractual obligations, and in a manner that permits adherence to the Ethics Code.”

In a forensic neuropsychology examination, to maintain adherence to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists, arrangements can be made for the retained neuropsychologists to abide by Ethical Standards 9.04 and 9.11 and transmit the test data to one another.

Office Locations

Offices for neuropsychological examinations are available in the following locations: Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Greater Los Angeles, including Los Angeles, Burbank, Ontario, and Oxnard, San Diego.

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